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Govan Mbeki Mathematics Development Centre

A mobile learning system with innovative features to support the T&L of Mathematics (and Physical Science) was recently developed as a joint project of the FRF Chair in Maths Education and the Department of Computing Sciences at the NMMU. This m-system runs as an application on the Mxit platform and was recently successfully tested by the Govan Mbeki Mathematics Development Unit during Maths and Science learner incubator schools and teacher skills development projects.  Pre-designed Maths questions and complete solutions can be accessed flexibly by learners via any cell phone that is registered on the (free) Mxit system.

Structured Maths questionnaires consisting of multiple choice Maths questions to be completed interactively in a controlled school environment via Mxit on a cell phone will form the basis of the MathMxit competition project.

The m-system application will present test questions and distractors to learners in a scrambled format so as to ensure the integrity of individual efforts. Test scores and complete solutions will be available to learners immediately after submission of a completed test and all MathMxit project data will be tracked centrally by the GMMDU.

The project aims to:

  • promote Mathematical problem solving at secondary school level;
  • popularize the study of Mathematics;
  • promote awareness of the important role that Mathematics plays in society;
  • identify Mathematical talent in schools of the ECP.

The third annual TouchTutorTM Maths competition on Mxit is currently underway.