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Govan Mbeki Mathematics Development Centre

The TouchTutorTM resource package includes:

CAPS aligned Mathematics content video and PowerPoint lesson series for Grades 10 -12.  Mathematic lessons include outcome statements, explanation of concepts, examples, tutorial exercises and solutions.

Past national Grade 12 Mathematics exam videos series - questions, solutions and discussions based on a PowerPoint series with integrated animation and visual graphics.

Casio calculator video series (FX-82ZA Plus) - demonstrates calculator investigations of mathematical concepts and results as well as calculator solution strategies  for curriculum  aligned  mathematical problem types in Grades 10-12.

Learner workbooks that are directly aligned with mathematics content lessons for  Grades 10 – 12.

Mathematics multiple choice tests, scoring and explanations aligned with each content video lesson for Grades 10 – 12.

GeoGebra mathematics applet series and applet-aligned learner worksheets to facilitate discovery T&L of key mathematical concepts and results for Grades 10-12.  A category of GeoGebra applets that offers mathematical recreation is included.

Language support in the form of an integrated digital glossary.

Access to S(cience)T(echnology)E(ngineering)M(athematics) and Commerce career information and guidance.

Access to electronic inking and document annotation functions to support self-directed learning.