The GMMDC’s T&L Resource Development Project

The GMMDC has developed a range of innovative CAPS-aligned digital mathematics and physical sciences T&L materials over the past decade. These materials were refined and packaged with interactive Android applications that evolved through a parallel Participative Action Research processes over the same period. These digital T&L materials currently covers the complete CAPS curriculum for mathematics (Grades 8-12) and physical sciences (Grades 10-12). The materials currently forms the basis of the training and development programmes of the GMMDC in schools and colleges and are used extensively during offline Techno-Blended project implementations.

The evolvement processes of the apps and digital resources are visually summarized in the diagram below.



T&L Resource packages:

TouchTutor® digital package for Learner Incubation and Support via Tablets

(This interactive software package supports learners after-hours and forms the basis of the ISP and TAPS development programmes of the GMMDC – see relevant project pages)

The main components of the TouchTutor® digital package for CAPS Mathematics & Physical Sciences include (see Figure below):

  • A complete series of content lessons (video & PDF format) and interactive simulations for each Grade;
  • A comprehensive Physical Sciences experiment video series recorded in a professional laboratory environment;
  • Interactive multiple choice self-assessments with scoring  and feedback linked to each content topic (all Grades) ;
  • Comprehensive sets of examination revision video & PDF materials consisting of past national and provincial mathematics  papers and memoranda;
  • CASIO video series with on-screen emulator demonstrations on how to utilize the scientific calculator to solve mathematics problems that are linked to the CAPS curriculum;
  • A series of quick look-up summaries for reference before tests and exams;
  • Interactive mathematics language support in the form of  concept explanations in English and any one of seven  indigenous languages – Tswana, Northern Sotho, Southern Sotho; Venda, Xhosa, Zulu & Afrikaans;
  • Guidance and information on study methods; STEM careers and how to gain access to study programmes at HE institutions;



GammaTutor digital package for Classroom Teaching or Resource Centre Support at schools

(This interactive software package supports teachers in classrooms to deliver the full CAPS curriculum for mathematics or physical sciences. It also supports the after-hours TAPS programmes at schools and can serve as an independent CAPS-aligned offline resource centre.)

The GammaTutor software runs on a special new mobile plug & Android education device (also called GammaTutor) that was recently developed in partnership with Gamma Educational Services (see below and also the PLN Project Page).

In addition to the TouchTutor® software, the following CAPS aligned digital resources for teachers are also pre-installed as part of the GammaTutor Software Package for development projects:

  • Animated CAPS mathematics and physical sciences PPT Lessons for the classroom – All Grades;
  • Complete CAPS Physical Sciences Experiments video series with pre- and post-discussions;
  • Special CAPS mathematics and physical sciences Exam revision PowerPoint lessons for teachers to facilitate support programmes;
  • More than 30 Past Provincial and National Exam Papers (Maths, Maths Literacy and Science; Afrikaans and English) with Memos in PDF format;
  • A range of free apps for additional CAPS mathematics and physical sciences and STEAM  teaching support in the classroom;
  • Additional quality digital Maths textbooks to support curriculum delivery and after hours support.



TouchTutor Quiz digital package for supporting CAPS Mathematics via mobile phones

(This interactive software package supports mathematics learners  anywhere anytime via Android mobile phones. It is free and can be downloaded from PlayStore. This platform is also used to conduct  mathematics competitions challenges in schools to promote problem solving skills. The main educational functionalities of the TouchTutor Quiz software package for mobile phones are displayed in the diagram below.)



GammaTutor device for  teaching and Resource Center support at schools or at Public Libraries

For more information about the GammaTutor  Device contact Prof WA Olivier