The GMMDC’s TouchTutor Quiz  Project

After nearly three years of re-development and testing, the GMMDC relaunched its cutting-edge mobile application for Android phones on the 4th of May 2018. The app TouchTutor® Quiz, which is available free from the Google Play Store, can be downloaded onto phones or android tablets.  It provides mobile access to maths and science content, self-tests with feedback, multi-language support and even school- or province-based competitions, linked to the Grade 8 to 12 school curricula for maths, and the Grade 10 to 12 physical sciences curricula. The app can be used by pupils, teachers and schools anywhere in South Africa and provides access to independent mathematics support anywhere anytime. It also allows for gamification through a leader board with rewards, that are linked to a series of mathematical challenges for learners that are spread over each academic year.

The diagram below shows the main support functions that are housed by the TouchTutor Quiz application for Android phones.



Over the past five years, the TouchTutor® Quiz has been used successfully to pilot provincial schools’ competitions over two rounds for different grades. Competitions were free and open to all learners in the province who had downloaded the application for free from Google Play Store on their mobile phones. Structured mathematics tests consisting of multiple-choice questions had to be completed interactively at schools during each round. On average, about 500 learners from across the province participated in the competitions on an annual basis. Through the competition project, viability was established of the use of mobile phones and competitions to popularize and support the study of mathematics and science in secondary schools. Successful competition awards ceremonies for top performing learners were also held each year and the project enjoys strong support of parents of participating learners and stakeholders in education, including the e-learning section of the EC DoBE.

Below is more information on the TouchTutor Quiz competition projects for 2019.