The GMMDC’s STEAM Development Workshop Project


Since 2017, the  GMMDC has implemented a series of STEAM awareness workshops at secondary  schools in several project nodes of the ECP. This forms part of the strategic initiative to promote STEAM education amongst learners and educators in secondary schools of the ECP. Selected learners and teachers from project schools were exposed to various practical demonstrations and experiential learning activities that were designed to stimulate awareness and interest in applications of mathematics in real-life. Practical problems were selected highlighting the links between mathematics and the arts with the emphasis on creativity in design and problem solving. Innovative games and activity kits to stimulate interest in Coding Theory at school level (it recently became  a new school subject in SA) were also integrated into the STEAM activity programmes. Artefacts like tessellation sets and kits with used to experiment and construct physical models.   STEAM activity kits were also distributed to some project schools. More than 500 learners from 30 in the ECP schools have benefitted directly from this engagement initiative over the past two years.

Below are references to some many  STEAM activities that formed part of the experiential learning workshop programme of the GMMDC over the past two years (follow links to YouTube videos):


Video Link Bedford in the Karoo 2017:         

Video Link: Duncan Village, East London 2018:

Video Link Get Ahead College, Queenstown  2018:


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