The GMMDC’s Technology-Assisted After School Peer Support (TAPS) Project

A structured Technology-assisted after school peer support (TAPS) learner programme for mathematics runs independently at many GMMDC project schools and resources centres since 2017.  The aim of the TAPS project in is to provide independent and flexible Tablet-based after school scaffolding and peer support for selected mathematics learners. Annually more than 800 learners in Grades 10-12 have benefitted directly from this project since 2017.

In some project schools, selected Grades 10- 12 learners with potential from each of the project school are provided with a 7” Tablet pre-installed with TouchTutor® mathematics and physical sciences material. This device and digital material served as a personal mobile resource centre and virtual mathematics and science tutor/support for learners on a 24/7 basis. At other project schools and at selected central venues in public spaces, learners are able to access curriculum aligned mathematics and science support materials after school hours. Special TAPS learner guides developed by the GMMDC are made available to assist learners to utilize the CAPS–aligned digital (video and PDF) content lessons, tutorials and related workbook exercises. Additional instructional videos on the effective use of the CASIO calculator and past national mathematics exam videos are also available for revision, remedial purposes or for self-discovery learning. The inter-active self-assessment tests and feedback functions of the TouchTutor® package are aligned with digital lesson material. This function has also assisted learners to independently check their level of skills and understanding of mathematical concepts and procedures. In some projects schools the TAPS programmes include structured weekly after-school Mathematics support sessions. These sessions were facilitated by mathematics educators at project schools who were trained by GMMDC staff and who received a stipend on a claims basis. The nature of the TAPS mathematics support programme and structure of a typical weekly (90 min) after- school TAPS Mathematics support session is shown in the diagram below.


Tablets as Maths and Science T&L Resource Centres in Schools and Public Spaces:

Since 2018 tablets that were pre-installed with the comprehensive TouchTutor® Maths and Science resource materials were distributed to selected project schools and centralized public spaces to serve as after-hours learner support centres. Selected teachers were trained to facilitate Technology-assisted After School Maths and Science support programmes (TAPS) at the centres. New centralized resource centres were established at 10 secondary schools and three public facilities since 2018. Through this initiative, more than 1000 additional learners were provided with specialized Maths and Science resources and after-hours support. Resource centre projects were always implemented with the full knowledge and support from local officials of the department of Basic Education. This project of the GMMDC has attracted the attention of the DBE at national level and a number of senior officials attended the launch of one such centralized centre in King Williamstown in September 2018. Below is a photo of the launch of a GMMDC Maths and Science resource centre in 2018 at Archie Velile HS in Dimbaza outside King Williamstown.