The Unit was established with the objective to improve the performance level in Mathematics in the Eastern Cape Province. The Physical Science component was subsequently added to the programme. GMMDU prides itself on the impact on maths and science learners over the years - more than 2000 school learners have been on the Incubator School Programme to date.

Our Vision and Mission:

  • Improvement of the quality of Mathematics and Science teaching and learning at FET level in the Eastern Cape Province (ECP) and beyond;
  • Effective integration of relevant 21st century technologies in the teaching and learning of Mathematics and Science;
  • Improved public awareness of the important role Mathematics and Science play in modern society

Our Goals and objectives:

The unit aims to:

  • improve the content knowledge, problem solving and teaching skills of in-service Mathematics and Science educators at previously disadvantaged secondary schools and at FET colleges;
  • improve the CAPS Mathematics and Science pass rates and quality of passes amongst learners in previously disadvantaged secondary schools;
  • develop appropriate 21st-century off-line techno-blended T&L scaffolding support models and accompanying resource material for the teaching and learning of FET Mathematics and Physical Science.

Alignment to Vision 2020 of the Nelson Mandela University:

The mission and vision of the GMMDU as well as the nature of its R&D projects are 100% aligned with the vision 2020 strategic plan of the Nelson Mandela University. In this regard the project outputs of the GMMDU contribute directly to the strategic goals (SG) and strategic objectives of more than one of the strategic priorities (SP) of the vision 2020 strategic plan.